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Frequently asked questions

I am trying to check an International Identity Document. The system tells me it is incorrect before I process, why is this?

  • You need to enter the chevrons (<) exactly as they appear on the document for the system to recognise the document as valid.

I have not received a temporary password registration email, what do I do now?

  • Go to Jordans webpage and select login/register the login from the top right-hand corner. Select forgotten password underneath the sign in button. You can now create your own password to enter the system.

I have pressed the view PDF button within an AML E-Verification report but no PDF is being created, what do I do?

  • Your internet browser could be blocking pop-ups from the webpage. Please look for a red notification that will appear in the top right corner of your browser and click “select or allow always”. Alternatively , ask your internal IT team to unblock and allow pop-ups from the Jordans site.

Do I need Management/Fee Earner approval to override PEPs and Sanctions?

  • Whilst the Jordans system gives you the ability to override, you should check your internal AML & Compliance procedures first.

What do I do if I get a Refer result?

  • A Refer result indicates there is insufficient information to match your client to the address they have given. We would recommend you gather further proof of residence but you should always check your own internal AML procedures.

Will the Driving license item check work in Northern Ireland?

  • No. Northern Ireland has a unique driving license format which is not currently supported within The ID Product. Enhanced PEP Intelligence and Sanctions.

Credit Data

Does the ID Verification Product leave a Credit Foot Print?

  • No. But it does leave a soft ID footprint (with the associated company name) on the individual's credit file which should not affect their credit rating. (Only applies when the UK Credit Header item check is used.)

Do you need a client's permission to perform a check?

  • No. But the Information Commissioner's Office stipulate that you must have informed the client that an ID check will be performed utilising a 3rd party data source. We would suggest you make them aware that a "Soft footprint" will be left on their credit file. Further information is available on the Information Commissioner's website

Should we use Credit data as part of an AML check?

  • YES. We could recommend the use of Credit data as one PART of an ID or AML Check due to its coverage of the UK population.


Does the ID Verification Product comply with Data Protection?

  • YES. The ID Verification service does not provide back any more information, than entered by a client. It merely matches the given information against trusted data sources.

Can we access FULL electoral roll information?

  • YES. Only if you are using the service for the purpose of performing an Anti Money Laundering check.

Can we state that the ID Verification Product will meet a client's Anti-Money Laundering requirements?

  • NO. The AML regulations are "Risk" based, and as such all clients must decide if an electronic service such as the ID Verification Product helps to meet their specific needs. For further information regarding the AML regulations, please refer clients to the JMLSG or Law Society

Is it sufficient for a firm to use the ID Verification Product to meet their AML needs, without understanding the associated Profile and Scoring?

  • No. The regulations stipulate that where a firm uses a 3rd party service they must be able to articulate when asked how the service meets their "Risk based approach" to the regulations. GBGroup can provide a copy of a partner's "Template" Score Card for client reference on request.


Is the Data Secure?

  • YES. The service uses web services technology when communicating. The ID Verification service is hosted in secure data centres, that comply with ISO27001 specifications.

Is the Service Resilient?

  • YES. The service is provided 24x7 with 99.5% ‘up-time' and is fully resilient with failover to an alternative site.


Does the ID Verification product verify any International Information?

  • The ID Verification service includes: international passport, EU Identity cards and International PEPS/Sanctions checks.

Does The ID Verification Product access Passport Office and DVLA Data?

  • No. The Passport check verifies the information included within the Long MRZ passport number including an individual's Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Passport expiry date. A checksum is included for each piece of information along with a checksum of the checksums. The Driving License information also includes an individual's Surname, Initials, Date of Birth and Gender.

What has changed?

  • The number of data sets and individuals included within the item checks has increased significantly, including known associates and family members associated to a PEP, and global bodies for sanctions and law enforcement.

Why do the PEP and Sanctions item checks only match against an individual's name?

  • The PEP and Sanctions checks are a combination of multiple data sources with varying levels of data. To ensure all potential individuals are highlighted it is necessary to match at name level to then qualify further and discount any false positive results.

We hope that the FAQ's cover everything you need to know about our ID and Fraud services. If however your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 918 1468 or email

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