Anti-Money Laundering

Vistra comprehensive Anti Money Laundering (AML) solutions encompass AML checks for UK Companies and Individuals, including global monitoring for PEPs and Sanctions. Our AML tools will help ensure you never miss another critical client development again.

Our AML services are designed and regularly revised by trusted solicitors and accountants to ensure compliance with the latest regulations, helping you to recognise and prevent money laundering.

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Our Anti Money Laundering services include:


AML Checks for Individuals

Vistra understand the unique requirements of all of our clients, which is why Vistra developed our online ID & Fraud checking system, so that our clients get the best results from their AML/CDD electronic verifications.

Vistra AML checks comply with the latest Anti-Money Laundering legislation and the guidelines from The Joint Money Laundering Steering Group guidelines (JMLSG), The Law Society and The Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW).

As NO two individuals are the same Vistra offer 3 levels of AML checks an Identity check, fully compliant AML check and Vistra own AML enhanced.

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AML Checks for Companies

Stay compliant with an integrated solution, giving you the most up to date risk assessment coupled with the latest detailed financial information.

Manage your risk with instant access to the latest detailed financial and credit information, all from official sources.Including Credit score rating for current and previous financial period; 5 year financial profile and full details of directors / members.

How well do YOU know your customer's business? Vistra can give you comprehensive insight into their financial situation

AML Solutions for Property Developers and Estate Agents

The launch of the 4th Anti-Money Laundering Directive provided clarity on guidance for Property Developers/Estate Agents. Due to the regulations now in force, simplified client due diligence is no longer applicable in most circumstances and firms are required to complete more in-depth ID verification, including global/domestic politically exposed persons (PEP) check.

Global Monitoring

Vistra Global Monitoring is a secure, uncomplicated and user-friendly system that allows for professional organisations to automatically screen their individual and corporate/business clients on a daily basis.

You will receive verified, daily updates and each can be accessed instantly. For your added protection, the updates will be date-and-time stamped to create an audit trail that proves due diligence has been performed.

Never miss an important client development with Vistra global monitoring

AML eLearning Course

Vistra AML eLearning course has been designed to give professionals and members of staff a thorough understanding of what money laundering is, how it's done, the steps that can be taken to help prevent it and also the relevant UK legislation and regulations.

Each member of staff is given their own log-in and password to enable them to complete the course at their own pace and convenience. They will be presented with easy-to-understand sections, complete with multiple choice questions and quizzes. Their progress can then be tracked by the MLRO or practice manager to ensure that the training has been completed.

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