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Dissolved Companies

How can I record in PCSec that a company has been dissolved?

What data should I archive before deleting a company from PCSec?


What should I enter for my company's Prescribed Particulars & Voting Rights?

The number of shares or paid up amounts show incorrectly under Statement of Capital

My form has been rejected due to missing Prescribed Particulars & Voting Rights

Share Certificates won't preview / print?

How can I add a share class with more than 2 decimal places?

How do I add and issue shares to joint shareholders?


When are my accounts due?

Can I produce my accounts in PCSec?

How do I produce a Work Schedule?

Confirmation Statement

What date is my company's Confirmation Statement due?

How can I learn which other companies are due to file their Confirmation Statement?

Officers Addresses

How do I record a Directors'/Secretary's Service Address

A Director's/Secretary's Service Address appears blank on my form

A Director's/Secretary's Service Address appears incorrectly on my form

Program Error Messages

You cannot change the code as there are references to it in other parts of the database

Object Invalid or no longer set

Electronic Filing - Common XML Rejections

Invalid formatted XML Document – Please check element ‘PrescribedParticulars'

Invalid formatted XML Document – Please check element ‘Premises'

Invalid formatted XML Document – Please check element ‘Post Town'

Supplied share capital details contains invalid characters

Error sending form CS01 from PCSec to the mailbox – Filing Status Unknown

We have checked our records and this form appears to be a duplicate

The sum of the aggregate nominal value of shares for a currency does not equal the total aggregate nominal value of shares on the Statement of Capital

Companies House are unable to complete this request (EF documents not found)

My form has been returned as ‘Conditionally Accepted' - what does this mean?

Why has my form been ‘Conditionally Accepted'?

What action do I need to take on a ‘Conditionally Accepted' form?

Logging a call with Companies House regarding software filing

How Do I Delete A Person/Company In PCSec?

Deleting an entity

I'm trying to delete a person/company but PCSec won't let me

How do I check for related records that may stop me deleting an entity?

What action(s) do I need to take to enable a successful deletion?