Bespoke Training

PCSec is, by design, simple and user-friendly company secretarial software. The most common functions can be picked up in a few minutes. However, some users find they are able to maximise the benefits of using the system and some of the more complex features with our training.

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Training can be tailored to your requirements and is usually conducted at your premises by one of our experienced company secretarial team. We find this ensures the training is relevant and meaningful.

A typical training day would include:

  • an initial assessment of client needs
  • general system navigation
  • adding data
  • system reports
  • events including updating registers
  • document production including forms and resolutions
  • electronic filing
  • additional system functionality
  • specific areas of client interest

In our experience, 3-4 trainees is the optimum number at any one time so with a rate from around £950, PCSec training is cost effective as a long term solution.

To get PCSec training for your organisation, please contact us to discuss your requirements.