Your registered office address

Your company needs a registered office address, but do you know what's involved? Let our frequently asked questions help you.

Do I have to have a registered office?

Yes. When you form your new limited company, you will be asked to provide the address of the registered office of the company. This must be a genuine address (not a PO box) to which official bodies, such as Companies House or HMRC, can send important documents that require the attention of the directors.

Can the address be anywhere I choose?

The location you choose for your company's registered office will determine the place where your company is registered (England and Wales, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland). So, you need to consider carefully which address to use as you are not able to change the jurisdiction after your company has been registered. You can change the company’s registered office address only within its jurisdiction.

Do I have to use my business address as my registered office?

No, the registered office address need not be a business/trading address for the company.

Can I use my home address?

You can use a residential address but you should be aware that the registered office address will appear on the Companies House register. This is available for public inspection, including by credit reference agencies, marketing companies, and search engines, so you might want to consider an alternative address.

What alternatives are there?

Vistra can provide a registered office for your company, as part of a company secretarial service or as a stand-alone service. We have addresses in Bristol, London, Edinburgh or Newry, enabling you to register the company in the jurisdiction of your choice. Your solicitor or accountant may also provide this service.

Do I have to show the registered office address anywhere?

Your company's registered office address should appear on your company’s website, and all letters and order forms. It should also be displayed at any business premises.

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