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We work hard to ensure that our My Formations service not only keeps pace with current regulations but also reflects our clients' feedback. We understand the importance of an efficient and reliable service and have therefore recently implemented a series of updates to the online My Formations process, bringing you new benefits and improved functionality.

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Jordans – Vistra Rebrand complete

We are pleased to confirm that Jordans successfully rebranded to Vistra on Monday 8th April with no unplanned downtime to our Formations services. Thank you to our clients for your patience and understanding whilst we moved to our new website on Friday 5th April.

All of our services previously available with Jordans are ongoing – if you are unable to find the service you require, or have any feedback for us, please contact us on 01179 181391 or by email: ukcompanyformations@vistra.com

Multiple Share Class Orders:

  • Following client feedback, we are pleased to confirm that by using the recently added tick-box, you can now issue nil or partly paid shares whilst placing an order.


Order Saving:

  • Did you know that you can save your application part way through and it will be there for 12 months?
  • If you lose connection mid-way through placing a new order, the details input will automatically be saved for 1 month.

To retrieve and manage your orders, simply select ‘Order History’ on the My Account homepage.


Future features:

  • We have received some feedback suggesting that creating capability for the formations portal to include a bank account referrals/application process would be a valuable addition. We would be pleased to receive your feedback and views in relation to the potential addition of a banking option, your comments and suggestions for improvement are always valued.

Have a suggestion or comments regarding our service? We would love to hear from you! Email us: ukcompanyformations@vistra.com

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