LLP formation packages


Provides you with everything you will need to form your new LLP.  This package assumes that you already have some knowledge of limited liability partnership law and the time to complete and maintain statutory books yourself.

LLP administration service

Setting up and running a new LLP comes with daunting corporate responsibilities. With this package our Corporate Governance team will ensure that your statutory books are kept up-to-date, file your confirmation statements and send out reminders regarding your accounts. Basically, we'll be there for you and provide all the support you'll need during your first year (and beyond!).

In addition, by selecting the LLP administration service you can choose from one of Vistra’s addresses for your LLP's registered office address.

Registry fees

Fees required to register your new LLP with Companies House.

Electronic certificate of incorporation

Official document provided by Companies House which confirms the LLP registration number, name and incorporation date. It is provided as a PDF.

Printed certificate of incorporation

Official document provided by Companies House (above), but we'll provide you with a printed copy.

Electronic draft LLP members’ agreement

A draft LLP members’ agreement will be provided to you in electronic format once the LLP has been incorporated.  The LLP members’ agreement is not filed at Companies House.  It is up to the members of the LLP to decide whether they put a written agreement in place between themselves.

Bound copies of draft LLP members’ agreement

This is the draft LLP members’ agreement (above), but we'll provide you with printed copies.

LLP register

All the statutory compliance you need to keep by law. It includes the register of members, register of people with significant control and more.

Form LL AA01 to change the LLP's accounting reference date

By default, your LLP’s accounting reference date will automatically be the last day of the month in which your LLP is incorporated. For example, if your LLP is incorporated in June, its default accounting reference date will be 30 June of the following year. If you want to change the date, this is the form you'll need. Vistra can prepare form LL AA01 electronically and file it at Companies House for a small fee, when selected as part of the LLP formation.

First board minutes, completed LLP registers and share certificates

We'll complete the minutes of the first meeting of the members, initial register of members and register of people with significant control. These can be delivered electronically or via hard copy format.

Registered Domain name of your choice

Secure your internet presence with this service.

Business email and website hosting

Get your business off on the right foot with our email and website hosting service.

Maintenance of LLP registers

Included within our LLP administration service.

Preparation and filing of confirmation statement

Included within our LLP administration service.

Accounts reminders and approval

Included within our LLP administration service.

LLP administration service and registered office in Bristol, London, Edinburgh or Newry

Included within our LLP administration service

Free online access to your LLP records

Included within our LLP administration service.  You will have the ability to look at your LLP registers online via Vistra’s systems.

Copy of LLP incorporation documents from Companies House

Once Companies House has received and processed all of the information supplied, you will receive a copy of the electronic data they've put on their records (LL IN01E). This allows you to see and check exactly what is on the public files about your new business.